3Q 2021


Market Analysis and Forecasts for Aviation Electrification Applications: 2021-2035

Fully operational electric aircraft (EA) account for less than 100 aircraft around the world. Although many entities are engaged in the design, prototyping, and production of these aircraft, full-scale production is dependent on improved electric motor and battery technologies. Companies are investing heavily in EA technologies, and this diverse collection of manufacturers have created significant variation in both airframe and motor innovations.


This Guidehouse Insights report analyzes the global market for EA in three key segments: aircraft seating up to 6 passengers, 7 to 20 passengers, and 21 passengers and more. The study provides an analysis of the market issues, opportunities, and adoption challenges associated with EA. Global market forecasts for aircraft sales are broken out by segment and extend through 2035. The report also examines the key technologies and manufacturers related to EA as well as the competitive landscape.

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  • Who are the key airframe manufacturers in the development of electric aircraft?
  • Who are the manufacturers developing electric motors for aircraft?
  • What industries are expected to use electric-powered aircraft?
  • 预计何时广泛采用电动飞机?
  • How is the electric aircraft market anticipated to grow over the next 15 years?
  • Electric aircraft companies
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Electric engine builders
  • Airlines
  • Parcel delivery companies
  • Investor community

1.Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Market Outlook

2.Market Issues

2.1 Introduction


2.2.1 Technology Advancements

2.2.2 OPEX




2.3.1 Energy Infrastructure Constraints

2.3.2 Workforce Infrastructure Constraints

2.3.3 Consumer Acceptance

2.3.4 Regulatory Approval Processes

3.Key Industry Players


3.2 Airframe Manufacturers

3.2.1 Airbus

3.2.2 Ampaire

3.2.3 Aurora飞行科学 - 波音公司

3.2.4 Bye Aerospace


3.2.6 EmbraerX EVE

3.2.7 Eviation

3.2.8 Heart Aerospace

3.2.9 Joby Aviation

3.2.10 Pipistrel


3.3 Electric Motor Manufactures

3.3.1 H3X Technologies

3.3.2 MANGIX

3.3.3 MGM Compro

3.3.4 Rolls-Royce

4.Market Forecasts

4.1 Methodology




4.4.1全球EA销售 Less Than Six Passengers and eVTOL私人飞机和小型培训师 eVTOL Aircraft from 7 to 20 Passengers Aircraft with 21 Passengers or More

4.4.2 Aviation Electrification Revenue

5.Conclusions and Recommendations

6.Acronym and Abbreviation List


8.Table of Charts and Figures

9.Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

  • Total EA Revenue by Passenger Capacity, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • 总乘客容量的总活跃EA,世界市场:2021-2035
  • EA Up to Six Passengers, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • EA 7-20 Passengers, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • EA 21 Passengers or More, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • Total Revenue by Aircraft and Infrastructure, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • Electric EEL
  • EmbraerX EVE eVTOL
  • Eviation Alice
  • Joby Aviation eVTOL
  • 管道Alpha Electro
  • magniX magni250
  • 劳斯莱斯创新精神
  • Active EA by Segment, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • Active EA by Passenger Capacity, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • EA Revenue by Segment, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • EA收入按乘客产能,世界市场:2021-2035
  • Energy Infrastructure Revenue by Segment, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • EA and Infrastructure Revenue by Category, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • Total Revenue by Passenger Capacity, World Markets: 2021-2035
  • 按类别按类别的总收入,世界市场:2021-2035
  • EA Application Forecast Categories
$3,950 USD
$ 5,925美元